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  Fall Bazaar, St. Ann Celebration,

Strawberry Fair





Duties and Responsibilities

Every year we host a Fall Bazaar in November, a Strawberry Festival in June and St. Ann Celebration in July as well as other social events as they come up. These events require many volunteers to help with preparation, the day itself and cleaning up afterwards. These celebrations are the social highlights of our year and they bring our community together. If you are interested in volunteering for these events, calls for volunteers and sign up sheets will be available in advance of the events themselves. Volunteers who are not properly screened will not be able to work with children and will not have access to cash.


Duties: Include, but are not limited to setting up tables and chairs, decorating, baking, cooking, running raffles, face painting, barbecuing, setting up equipment and tents, cleaning up and organizing.


Qualifications: Anyone can lend a hand, but for the safety of our parish, if you are not screened as a volunteer, your involvement may be limited to just picking up a broom and lending a hand. Screened volunteers will be able to take on higher risk roles like working with cash or helping coordinate children’s event for the day. I’d like to encourage you, if you are interested, to get properly screened as a volunteer, then your offer to help can be accepted without reservation.



Commitment: As per the event or social:



Scheduling and Training: As per the event or social.

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