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Children’s Liturgy Volunteer


A Children's Liturgy Leader/Volunteer leads children in a separate liturgy of the word downstairs during the Sunday 9:30 Mass. He/she is expected to provide age appropriate liturgical readings to the children from approximately age 3 up until they have received First Communion. Dressed appropriately, the Children's Liturgy Volunteer is to meet the children for their teachings at the back of the church after the presiding priest has addressed them. It is his/her responsibility to perform the lesson then return with the children after the Creed has been recited. This is a very creative, but skillful position. Since children's liturgy leaders are exposed to children, a police background and vulnerable sector screen are necessary.

Responsibilities: Children's liturgy leaders organize, prepare and celebrate Sunday liturgies with the children. They are expected to arrive on time, adhere to a seasonal schedule and prepare their liturgies in advance. Other duties include attending scheduled planning meetings and involving youth in a leadership role within this ministry. Children's liturgy is designed to introduce children to the word and allow them to participate fully in the liturgy. It is not a Nursery or daycare service offered during Mass.

Skills, Attitudes, Knowledge: Children's liturgy leaders need to be comfortable guiding and teaching groups of children, usually under 20, and have an openness to learning about the liturgical year and the Scripture readings. Leaders need to be active members of the church community, comfortable with spirituality and faith, and have strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills. Imagination, creativity and prayerfulness are also assets in this position.

Time Commitment: Children's liturgy leaders will be on duty approximately once per month plus lesson preparation, depending on the number of children's liturgy leaders we have. Attendance and participation at your scheduled time is essential.

Training: Training is done through one meeting with the children's liturgy leader and by observing other leaders before your first time. You do not have to teach until you are comfortable. A detailed list of expectations will be provided and discussed.

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