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Duties and Responsibilities


A Lector is a proclaimer of God's Word and is a key part of Sunday Mass. He/She is expected to read the announcements before Mass, proceed down the main aisle with the other ministers, proclaim the first and second reading and sometimes the Psalm and read the general intercessions after the Creed. Lectors need to be dressed appropriately (no summer beach attire or shorts), and need to be able to read sacred texts in a loud, clear voice and is expected to have prepared the readings carefully and prayerfully during the week. This is a great honour and a beautiful experience. Because it is an open and public ministry, police record check is not necessary.


Duties: Lectors' duties include, but are not limited to: arriving 10-15 minutes early, pre-reading the announcements and readings, and prayerful preparation of the readings ahead of time.


Qualifications: The liturgy is the source and summit of Christian life, according to Vatican II. It is expected that lectors have a firm belief in the presence of Jesus in the Word of God and enjoy public speaking. Spiritual preparation as a proclaimer of the Word is essential.


Commitment: At least once per month, depending on the number of Lectors. Attendance and participation on your scheduled time is essential.


Training: Training is done through one meeting with Fr. Chad and by shadowing other Lectors before your first time. You do not have to read until you are comfortable. A detailed list of expectations will be provided and discussed.


Scheduling: Scheduling is arranged by one of our volunteers and usually covers about 2 months at a time. You will be contacted by the volunteer who will add you to the schedule.

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