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Refugee Integration Committee


The purpose of the Refugee Integration Committee is to work with refugee families/individuals to assist them with settlement in Canada upon their arrival. In many cases work will take place in advance of the arrival of the refugees in order to secure sufficient funding to sustain them during their first year in Canada. A police background check and vulnerable sector screen are required for all members of this committee.

Job Responsibilities: Members of the Refugee Integration Committee will be responsible for a variety of tasks in order to ensure that the settlement of new Canadians is successful. These tasks include finding suitable housing for the sponsored individual/family, linking the family to appropriate newcomer services (e.g. English as a Second Language classes), registering children in school, working with multi-level government services to ensure that the proper documentation is in place for all individuals (e.g. health cards, residency cards, driver’s license), ensuring that the individual has access to all health care services, and any other needs required during the first year.

Skills, Attitudes, Knowledge: Members of this committee should be active members of the church community, be able to maintain confidentiality, and be respectful, compassionate and patient.

Time Commitment: The agreement to sponsor and assist newly arrived refugees to our community is a long term commitment. Those looking to be members of this committee should be prepared to be involved for a period of at least 1-2 years.

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